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Meet The...Chippy; National Tradesman Day 16th Sept

In celebration of National Tradesman Day this week, we had a chat with @mcqueeniemade, a long time customer of ours and an all round sound guy :-)

Did you always want to be a chippy?

I always had an interest in carpentry but didn't see it as my career, I had my heart set on joining the forces until life took over.

How did you start out in carpentry?

I started out doing a painting and decorating apprenticeship, I lasted 5 months or so, absolutely hated it. Thankfully I was offered a start at Sharkeys (a shopfitting company just outside Edinburgh) 

What's been your favourite project?

I don't have a favourite project but I get the most enjoyment out of finishing side of projects. I've worked on a couple bars, shopfits where everything just works as should, no-stress and the end result has been top drawer.

White and Mackay head office in Glasgow for instance was up there among my favourites. Anything you can stand back and be proud of 

What is your favourite tool?

Has to be my kinetic customs hammer 

Your best advice for life/work 

Just look after yourself, when your in your late 30s you won't thank yourself for being a hero 20 years earlier chucking kit panels about on your own. Remember it's not all about the graft take time for yourself. 

What do you do to recharge?

Life's a bit hectic at the moment so hobbies have taken a back seat. But nothing better than spending time with family at the moment, my wee lass keeps me on my toes.

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Hi your so so right about looking after your self however it took me until my late forties to realise this fact fortunately my body isn’t broken from the exertion i put on myself trying to prove others wrong as well as trying to fit in. Hence i did do the military and didn’t get into construction game till i was 37 so i then had to learn new skills and prove myself again. So now I’m 53 i still work hard but i now have me time, I’m so glad you realised this earlier than me keep up the good work and enjoy your down time with your family ❤️

Helen Le Gallais

Mikey is an absolute legend ❤️❤️❤️

Kevin Sharkey

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