Meet the Brand... RothoBlaas ✨

Meet the Brand... RothoBlaas ✨

RothoBlaas, a global company from the Italian Alps, is a leading creator of high technology solutions for heavy and mass timber. 

We're happy to have in our range this essential tool from Rothoblaas! 

RothoBlaas Skorpio Beam Puller

The SKORPIO beam puller is the ideal tool for the pressure connection of multiple elements made of timber or timber-like materials.

It is featured by knurled hooks on 4 sides for effective transmission of force in the timber.

The joints are not welded, but riveted, for superior strength during fastening.
Hooks are made of zinc plated steel; zinc plated cast steel ratchet with ergonomic PVC handle.

SKORPIO can be easily separated from the timber element with a single blow on the back of the hook.

Why not to watch a short video of RothoBlaas Skorpio Beam Puller in action


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The RothoBlaas Geko Panel Puller

A great addition to the RothoBlaas range, this Geko Panel Puller is a professional grade tool which has been designed to make panel installation faster and easier. 

RothoBlaas Geko Panel Puller

Perfect to be used on solid timber panels, stacked board floors, lamellar elements and more!

RothoBlaas Geko Panel Puller

The great thing with this panel puller is that the handle offers a secure grip and will enable you to have precise control throughout. With it's unique design, this will offer capabilities to securely suspend up to 4 panels in the air at once, enabling for a faster installation!

RothoBlaas Geko Panel Puller

Shop RothoBlaas Skorpio Beam Puller now!! 

Take a look at the RothoBlaas Geko Panel Puller...


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