Meet the... Brand: WoodOwl - TF Tools Ltd

Meet the... Brand: WoodOwl

WoodOwl, the producer of ultra smooth wood boring auger bits.

These super popular auger bits are triple bladed and teflon coated! This will allow for fast yet smooth cutting without resistance when wanting to accuratly cut holes. Because of the PTFE coat, this means that these bits are also heat and friction resistant. A firm favourite of TF Scotts.

What sizes are on offer?

We have these auger bits in LOTS of different sizes but we offer them in 2 different lengths. 


7-1/2" length - The sizes range from 3/8" (9.5mm) up to 11/2" (38mm)

WoodOwl Auger Bit

18" length - The sizes range from 3/8" (9.5mm) up to 11/2" (38mm)

 WoodOwl Auger Bits

Another popular item that WoodOwl offers is the plug cutter and countersink set. We have these in both 9mm and 12mm. 

WoodOwl Plug Cutter & Countersink Set 12mm - WoodowlTF Tools Ltd

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