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Meet the brands...TrigJig✨ - TF Tools Ltd

Meet the Brand.... TrigJig

English brand who produce innovative measuring hand tools using the highest quality materials. They are well known, not just with their high accuracy but also with their smart design & beauty.

TrigJig range includes awesome measuring tools for a variety of trades. From the widest collection of Angle Finders to awesome Pocket Squares.

AF6 MKII Angle finder 

It's a great helper to make light work of measuring any angle, internal or external, and get exactly the readouts you need. The AF6 MKII Angle Finder is a compact angle finder with three great modifications. Its accuracy and portability make it the perfect tool for your toolbox. 

Available in colours: 

  • Blue & Silver
  • Black & Silver
  • Black & Red
  • Black & Gold


Watch a quick overview of TrigJig Finder AF6 MK2 below


TrigJig AF4 SLIM

The TrigJig AF4 SLIM is a lightweight and convenient angle finder. It is the perfect pocket tool to carry on every job. It`s been designed for smaller trim, cabinetry and metal fabrications, but it's handy anytime you need to quickly measure an angle.

TrigJig AF4 SLIM - TrigJigTF Tools Ltd


Explore more about TrigJig AF4 SLIM in this short video 


TrigJig Angle Finder AF9 MKII

The NEW updated AF9 MKII. Superseding the original AF9 Pro, the AF9 MKII is a high quality, CNC machined site protractor with lots of useful features. The scales are now lasered directly onto the lower tool arm to improve longevity and accuracy. 

TrigJig Angle Finder AF9 MKII - TrigJigTF Tools Ltd


Why not to watch a quick video short about TrigJig Angle Finder AF9 MKII


TrigJig Carpenter Squares

CS180 & CS300

These carpenter squares are fully CNC machined from the highest quality German cast aluminium tool plate. Has 2 precision laser marked millimetre scales on each side & protective anodised finish. 


Quick overview of the TrigJig Carpenter Squares CS180 in this video


Available as a set TrigJig Carpenter Square Set CS180/CS300 

TrigJig Micro Trim Square MTS 100

It's incredibly versatile for such a small tool, easily fitting in the pocket of a tool vest or tool belt. Perfect for finish / trim carpentry.

TrigJig Micro Trim Square MTS 100 - TrigJigTF Tools Ltd

Take a close up look at the TrigJig MTS4 Trim Square

TrigJig RSA180 LE & RSA300 LE Adjustable Rafter Squares

TrigJig RSA300 is a large 300mm Rafter Square & ideal if you work with big timber. With several marking gauges on the tool's face, the RSA300 Adjustable can be used in many carpentry and fabrication projects, though its speciality is for roofing, timber framing and for use with large trusses and timber.

The RSA180 Adjustable LE Rafter Square is precision roofing square with adjustable fence. It can be used with a variety of marking tools such as carpenters pencils, automatic construction pencils or just a standard pencil. These also include thirds for marking rafter cuts. 

Discover more about RSA Rafter Square in this video


Shop all range of TrigJig now!! 



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