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Meet the Brand... Tajima - TF Tools Ltd

Meet the Brand... Tajima

Tajima, a brand that creates an array of tools but also offers one of the most impressive chalk lines on the market.

Tajima Chalk Rites

We have 3 available here at TF:

Tajima Chalk Rite Jam Free

Tajima Chalk Rite Jam Free - TajimaTF Tools Ltd

Comes with a jam free line spool, braided 1mm extra bold line and strong ABS case with a large refill port. The line on this one is 25m and the great added bonus is it will take any brand of chalk that you may already have. 

Tajima Chalk Rite Gear Drive

Tajima Chalk Rite Gear Drive - TajimaTF Tools Ltd

25m in length, this chalk line will give you that extra bold line. It is smooth running with a large gasket sealed refill port. Also made from heavy duty aluminium it will be super strong for all uses.

Tajima Chalk Rite Dura III 45m (150ft)

Tajima Chalk Rite Dura III 45m (150ft) - TajimaTF Tools Ltd

This opts the new line which has special weaving which will give more durability. With the bigger size, this enables you to hold more amount of chalk and it will mean that the line has less chance of getting tangled inside.

This also holds up to 25ox (709g) of chalk!


Tajima Hi Lock™ Class 1 tape 5m measure



Other Tools

Tajima Convoy 26 Super Heavy Duty Caulk Gun Tube Size 310ml

Tajima Convoy 26 Super Heavy Duty Caulk Gun Tube Size 310ml - TajimaTF Tools Ltd

This caulk gun is perfect to be used around tight spaces due to its rotating handles which offers easy manoeuvring. The extra long barrels will help with reloads!

Tajima Convoy® Super26 Sausage Gun 2way™

Tajima Convoy® Super26 Sausage Gun 2way™ - TajimaTF Tools Ltd

This is compatible for both sausage and cartridge. The great bonus when using this sausage gun, is that the unique designed plunger means that nothing is wasted. With its 360° rotating handle, you will be able to use this in any tight space. 

 TAJIMA TATBYD180 Combination Drywall Rasp

TAJIMA TATBYD180 Combination Drywall Rasp - TajimaTF Tools Ltd

Used to file plaster board, this is the perfect little tool to help achieve those clean finishes. You can decide on the grinding sections to be used where you have a choice of 3. Side rail teeth, fine teeth and coarse teeth. Another added bonus to this little tool, is shavings and dust is collected inside the handle so it even helps with the clear up!


 Take me back to the whole range of Tajima handtools.

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