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Meet The... Brand Squi-Jig - TF Tools Ltd

Meet The... Brand Squi-Jig

Squi-Jig is a company that creates amazing aluminium framing jigs which are able to be clamped onto almost all squares that are available out there.

The heart of SquiJig started with Sven in metal fabrication helping build sawmill equipment, working with large beams a 12" speed square just didn't cut it, which brought to life a handily layout tool that attaches to your common framing square.


The 3-inch jigs. Although the 3-inch jigs have improved over time and are great from more than just steel the idea remains the same. Make an awesome robust jig that can quickly be set into your desired position or on other tools to create jig to make the job that much faster and easier.


From Louie being in the field and constantly being frustrated with the old brass gauges because they were so short and kept throwing off the layout, and on some material, weren’t even usable!


We realized that it would be nice to have a set that is smaller than the 3-inch but bigger than the little brass guys... and the trades LOVE THEM! Having the 1.5" hex and 3" round brings new possibilities to life. 


We’ve been fine tuning these products and are also working on extending our tool into more products to be released here in 2022. 


SquiJig has been in business since 2017 and hope to grow together providing quality tools to the builder and tradesmen.



With two sizes available, these are a perfect must have for your tool kit.

The 1.5" Tall Framing Jigs

We offer these little beauties in two colours, a vibrant Blue, rich Red or the limited run of Black and Cherry. 

The bright colour of these framing jigs have been used to ensure they are easy to spot when on the job or when they are in your toolbox. The anodized aluminium has been used due to the fact it is lightweight and the clever finish of the taller thumbscrews have been added to make it easy to work even when wearing gloves on site. 

All four have been designed to be compact but affective. These are perfect to be used as stair gauges, as a rip guide on your saw, as a guide on your speed square the list is endless. 

Here are the limited edition Dr Decks that Squijig brought out! Super cool style all Black with etching!

Dr Decks

The 3" Tall Framing Jigs

Again we have adopted to go for the rich Red and Vibrant Blue colours for these 3" framing jigs. 

Commonly used for steel framing acting as a square stand and for performing many different layouts.



Squi-Jig Hoodie 

We are always up for stocking some awesome merch from all of our brands and this hoody is up there with one of the stylish ones we have to offer. This Independent midweight hooded sweatshirt looks lethal with the mineral wash look while reppin' the Squijig Logo front and center. We offer these in Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge. 

Check out this little video of the product showcase of the the Squi-Jig jigs in use,

Shop the full

Squi-Jig range here.... 

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