Meet the Brand... Rogan - TF Tools Ltd

Meet the Brand... Rogan

Rogan - is a great USA brand who create 100% handmade extremely durable multitools like knifes, pry bars, pocket tools. 

Founder, Mike Rogan has a mechanical background in fabrication and sent his brother, a Marine EOD in Iraq as his bayonet kept breaking. Mike designed him a simple prybar/digging tool to use instead. He started making small batches to send over, popularity grew & now he does it full time.

Mike says " I feel like I’m already retired as my hobby is my job so it doesn’t really feel like “work” at all. It’s a lot of fun and I look forward to waking up early every day and making these tools that are sold in now 10 countries!"
We love this 😊
This brand is so good at producing such handy and universal pry bars.

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