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Meet the Brand.. Collins Tools

Every carpenter who works in finish carpentry and woodworking knows how Collins tools make their life easier. Excellent quality, these pliers are strong and light! Easy to use! Clamps have a strong hold so, if you haven't tried these awesome helpers yet, this blog may change your mind!

Our range of Collins Tools Products includes clamps, pliers and clips for storage. You can buy either separate items or the tool kit depending on your job requirements.


Collins Miter Clamp Pliers

Miter Clamps are handy and keep the pressure on while gluing up miters. When the glue is dry, the miter will still be tight. They make applying and removing miter clamps easy.

FYI - The clamp is not included with plier purchase. But you can find Collins Professional Kit which includes 13 Miter Clamps, Miter Clamp plier, and the Clamp Clip here.

To check it out just click on the image! 

Why not to watch this quick video showing the Collins Miter Clamp Pliers in action? 


Collins Miter Clamp Clip

This kit includes 12 + Collins miter clamps for easy one hand operation. They are made from thick stainless steel for durable and long lasting use. 
Easy to clip on and clip off. Just slide the leg of a clamp against the back plate.
Mitre Clamps are not included.

Collins Miter Clamps 4pc

When miters are glued up they tend to open at the tips because end grain has been cut on the diagonal. These little spring miter clamps are perfect for keeping the pressure on while gluing miters, and when the glue is dry the tips will still be together. The sharp points pierce the wood without cutting wood fibres so it’s easy to clean up the marks and no damage will be made.
Miter clamps are the only way you can pressurize compound miters and these clamps will hold any compound miter as well as all awkward shapes and profiles.
Sold in packs of 4
Collins Miter Clamps 4pc - Collins Tool CoTF Tools Ltd

Collins Miter Clamp & Pliers kit

Super handy kit that includes 4x miter clamps and 1 set of pliers.  
Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"Perfect mitre clamp tool
Strong, durable and with good sprung tension holds the work piece steady easily. The pliers are light and easy to use, the clamps are strong, no brainer for the joiners and trim finishers."

Collins Miter Clamp Professional Kit

This kit includes 13 Miter Clamps, Miter Clamp plier, and the Clamp Clip
Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Adrian Newton
"Get a set !
I’ve used mitre fix for years and I hate it. I don’t like the spray and I’m never convinced it’s a great glue. Fast drying pva and these clamps are a game changer for me. I’d recommend to any second fix carpenter and joiner."

To explore all our range of Collins Tools click here! 

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