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Meet The... TF Charities

We feel that it is important to look out for each other.

At TF Tools we support a range of charities that we feel are important to our community.

Mental Health

TF is a strong supporter of mental health charities & we advocate the fight to change the stigma of mental health in the construction industry.

We support The LightHouse Club, Rob's @MYHPodcast.

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Food Banks

With increasing cost of living, we also support The Trussell Trust who have Food Bank's all round the country to support families who need it.

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Supporting colleges who are training the next generation of carpenter's is also important to us. We have provided tool bundles for colleges Summer Prize Giving.

Andover College Our Carpentry department have celebrated the end of term with their first ever Carpentry Awards Day! ⛏️⚒️
A huge thank you to TF Tools for donating the Level 2 prize

Find out more here What TF Stands for 💪

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