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How to use the TrigJig Angle finders AF6 & AF4

How to use the TrigJig Angle finders AF6 & AF4

TrigJig is designed & manufactured in the UK to very high standards of quality & precision. Their range of measuring tools, saves time & increases accuracy on site.

TF Scott explains how to read the TrigJig angle finders showcasing the AF6 & AF4 models in this short clip:

Here's a quick rundown of the information given by TF Scott on the video..

TrigJig | AF6 MKII Angle Finder

The AF6 is the 6" version of the angle finder by TrigJig. It offer's 3 windows:

AF6 Windows

  1. The protractor window offers the true reading of the angle that is being measured
  2. The Mitre window gives the angle that you would need to set your mitre saw to
  3. The Single window will show you the correct angle needed to cut a single angle cut using your mitre saw

This will ensure that mitre cuts and single cuts are made easily and accurately each time!

Another little added bonus of the AF6 is that we now offer it in 4 colour combinations! It now comes in:


  • Blue & SIlver
  • Black & Silver
  • Black & Red
  • Black & Gold

 TrigJig | AF4 SLIM

The Af4 Slim has exactly the same principles as the AF6 in that you are able to get your protractor, mitre and single cut angles. This info on the AF4 is condensed and so is available on 2 windows instead of the 3 on the AF6, this is because the AF4 is the smaller version at 4".

Windows on the AF4

You will also find the AF4 has a quick guide to set it to 45° and 90°.

Quick angle guide

Also another point to mention is that both the AF4 and AF6 has a nut in the middle so that you can tighten or loosen the friction on them.

The AF4 also comes in 4 colour combinations for you:

AF4 colour combinations

  • Black & Blue
  • Black & Silver
  • Blue & Silver
  • Black & Red

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