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Meet the... Team: Scott - TF Tools Ltd

Meet the... Team: Scott

What do you do at TF?

Co-founder, finder of latest tools & primary tool tester /thief of stock! Oh and builder of every TF office and store room since 2016!

What work have you done before TF?

After ditching a short lived career in IT, stuck behind a computer screen, I really wanted to get into something practical.  I started out building sets for TV and music events, but found I wanted my work to be more permanent.  I got a job with a specialist paint effects company, doing all their odd jobs, and my domestic carpentry really started to take off.

Fast forward another 5 years, and I was watching Grand Designs for an oak-framed house when it struck me, that's what I wanted to do.  I applied to every company I could find that did oak framing until I found one that would take me on, turned out to be the one that was in the show! 

Met Lucy there, then we started up our own framing company, then also started TF Tools.... the rest is history!

What's your favourite tool we sell & why?
My Martinez Stormtrooper, assembled and given to me by Mark at his ranch.  Every time I use it, it reminds me of why we do, what we do. 

Sits perfectly in my Diamondback Rig. It's the first thing that comes out the van nearly every morning.

What do you for fun?

Outdoor cooking, at every opportunity. Also checking out what's new at our local craft beer shop, sometimes they even get a new bourbon I can't resist.

If you could eat or drink one food forever what would it be?
Something straight off the BBQ or out of the smoker.

What does working at TF mean to you?
I've always been a massive tool junkie.  If I see something cool, I've got to have it.  Working at TF is the ultimate fix, but it also means that we get to share that with our awesome community. 

Every tool has a purpose and it's own place in your toolkit, and it should make your life just that little bit easier or more enjoyable.

Favourite playlist to work to?
Swagger, also Walk like a Badass.  I'm really into Tejon Street Corner Thieves and The Devil Makes Three at the moment, on my ISOtunes Link Aware of course!

Scott's day to day work is on our Carpentry Design & Build business - TF Timbers Ltd 

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Helen Le Gallais - September 26, 2022

Hi Scott pleased to meet you I’m a bit of a tool junkie too however I don’t have the opportunity like you to try things out as each time i see something i like and think can make a difference i have to purchase which can get expensive. There is only one tool i have purchase from tf tools that I didn’t like or rate but that’s my opinion. If there was one food or two that i could eat it would be two ham egg chips and beans or crab meat and sweetcorn soup. I’d just like to say thank you to you and Lucy for setting up this company as its been great coming online to check and see what new tools you have for sale. Keep up the great work and look after your self x

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