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International Customers - VAT excluded on prices

We really value your support internationally and we want to work hard to continue you to bring you the best tools we can offer worldwide.

We are all navigating the best way forward following Brexit, as a business we didn't want to be here but now we are, we must make the best of it.

If you choose UPS  - they will charge you customs/import duty prior to delivery. Even if you refuse the parcel, it is still liable to  be paid & will be deducted from your refund as UPS take this payment by Direct Debit regardless of refusal or returned status.

UK Tax excluded from prices, the prices on the site are excluding VAT.

Importing costs

The UK and EU have made a Free Trade agreement and the majority of goods should not have an import duty but some countries may charge you their countries VAT/Tax to import the goods.

You will need to contact your country Customs department to see if any customs might be charged to you.

We can't advise on this and we also can't be held responsible for fees/taxes other countries may charge on entry.

Info from for consumer rights


What happens if customs charges are refused?


If customs charges are refused, your item may be returned as undeliverable and incur an undeliverable surcharge. In some instances, you may also be liable to pay the customs charges in question.

You can make a return but you might have to pay to collect the items and then pay again to return them.

Can I reclaim delivery costs and import fees?

Customs duty and import VAT on goods are repayable if you think you’ve been overcharged on delivery for an item. If this is the case you can apply to reclaim the money. Unfortunately it is unlikely you will be able to reclaim courier handling fees or the cost of sending the item back if you’ve paid to collect it.

If you have decided to pay to collect your items but wish to return the item at your own expense, the retailer you bought from should refund you the full amount for the items. You can then fill out customs forms to claim back import VAT and customs duties. 

Seeking a refund on the VAT and import charges paid may be difficult though. To claim a refund on customs duties for goods that you have returned you’ll need to fill out different customs forms based on the courier that delivered your items:

  • You can use form BOR 286 to reclaim import VAT and customs duties if your items were delivered by Royal Mail or Parcelforce.
  • For other couriers you can use form C285.

Full article here

Delivery outside the UK is approx 7-10 days, tracking will link to your local country courier. Customs delays are happening in some countries, please bear with this process and keep an eye on your tracking link.

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