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Hultafors is a leading brand offering reliable hand tools designed for discerning craftsmen around the world. For over 130 years we have been developing innovative tools to rely on, in every situation.

Tools to rely on

We offer a wide selection of reliable hand tools for measuring, marking, cutting, striking and levelling as well as pry and wrecking bars.

Developing new products is what drives us. When we believe in an idea we give it 100%. The result is a range of tools that deliver the best possible function, reliability and precision. Tools you can rely on in all situations, every day.

Hultafors Group offers a dynamic range of premium brands to rely on – for distributors and craftsmen alike. We are all united in one common passion: to offer professional users the best possible functionality, safety, protection and efficiency at work.

Snickers Workwear offers high quality workwear, such as work trousers and tool belts. Solid Gear protects your feet with occupational shoes and safety shoes that are comfortable to wear throughout the workday. To Wibe Ladders, your safety at height is always the top priority, which is noticeable in every detail of their ladders and scaffolds. When you need to protect your ears at work, Hellberg Safety offers both passive and active hearing protection with innovative features.

Our philosophy

You can rest assured that when choosing a Hultafors tool, you are getting a tool that delivers the best possible functionality, precision and quality.

The knowledge Hultafors have of professional users’ workday is undeniably unique. As is the extensive experience. It all began in 1883, when Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén designed what is now the world-renowned folding rule. Since then, we have spent 130 years developing and manufacturing tools for craftsmen.

We offer a wide selection of hand tools for all types of professional craftsmanship. Our products are developed in cooperation with professional users aiming to contribute in making the workday as smooth and efficient as possible. For example, professional users are involved in testing the products until everyone is happy with the results. For us, it is the only way of making sure that our products live up to our promise – tools to rely on.

Hultafors products are designed with your best interests in mind. We strive to develop ergonomically designed, long-lasting products in durable materials. This way we can maximize the life span of our products and at the same time minimize our environmental impact.

A sustainable standard

We have high ambitions for our contribution to a sustainable future. For us it is important that you can trust our products as well as our actions.

We work with continuous improvements to reduce costs, improve our business and in the end, fulfil customer needs and exceed expectations. Sustainability for us is as much a social perspective as it is an environmental approach. By acting socially and environmentally responsible we build both our culture and our business long-term, ensuring that our customers can trust our products as well as our actions.

Hultafors is certified to the following Standards:

  • SE-EN ISO 9001:2015

  • SE-EN ISO 14001:2015#

Hultafors in figures

  • We make about 13 700 000 meters of folding rules every year, equal to the distance between our factory in Hultafors and Australia.

  • It takes between 40–60 strikes to complete one axe by hand in the forge at Hults Bruk.

  • Our 109 models of wrecking bars are made of the same quality steel used for the teeth on a digging bucket.

  • Our MST 180 has a tolerance of 1 mm per meter and is by that 10 times more sensitive than other spirit levels on the market.

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