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DiamondBack Toolbelts

Diamondback™ Toolbelts is made up of a small team dedicated to making the best tool belts and pouch systems available to tradesmen and tradeswomen, worldwide. Diamondback™ is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. For over 25 years Diamondback™ has produced the most comfortable, durable tool belts the industry has ever seen, with a dedicated and passionate customer base to prove it.  
About Our Gear
Diamondback™ Toolbelts was founded on the principles of comfort and back support, built for professionals whose trades require heavy loads of tools over long work days. And since one size never fits all, our belts and pouches come in a range of lengths and widths so you can achieve the perfect fit right out of the gate. With regular reports of rigs that are still in the field after 15 years of use, you will not find a more durable toolbelt for your money.

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