We innovate, never replicate. We always prioritise quality and craftsmanship. We are a brand that embraces our rich heritage and stays true to our core values.


To be the best Tool Belt Manufacturer in the world, with committed and loyal resellers and a growing consumer base of tradies — domestically and globally.

  1. We are a brand deeply rooted in family story and rich history.
  2. We are a brand with passion, pride and a boxing kangaroo pulsing through our veins.
  3. We are a brand whose unrivalled reputation and superior quality is synonymous with the rugged Aussie outback.

Embodying a trusted and reliable Australian working aesthetic, Buckaroo Leatherworks is much more than a tool belt manufacturer.

From humble beginnings in South Africa, in the seventies, a love of leatherwork quickly morphed into a fully-fledged family business — relocating to Australia, with the land down under laying deep roots at the heart of our Buckaroo brand.