About Badger Belts

Badger Belts

Badger Toolbelts are a small team dedicated to making some of the best toolbelts and pouch systems available to tradesmen and tradeswomen, worldwide. Badger is based in Wabash, Indiana, where they produce the most comfortable and durable toolbelts, with a dedicated and passionate customer base to prove it. Badger also teamed up with Occidental Leather in Spring 2022, so you can be sure to know that you will be getting a great quality item. 

Badger are a pride driven company. They want that pride to extend to you. When you pay good money for something so important to your job, you should expect it to make a difference in your daily comfort and productivity. They expect that too. That is their goal, to make your day more productive AND more comfortable and this is another reason as to why we would like to offer this to our customer base!